Foundation of

The Joint Award of MBChB/MBBCH

To promote AFM vision and mission, the faculty is always seeking and welcoming international partnerships.
Communications with Manchester School of Medical Sciences started year 2015 focusing on promoting academic co-operation between both institutes. These communications succeeded in signing a memorandum of understanding between Alexandria Faculty of Medicine and Manchester School of Medical Sciences in October 2018.
A team from Manchester made a site visit to AFM on December 2019 where afterwards further communications progressed till signing a memorandum of agreement on 1st December 2020.
This agreement shall commence on 1st of December 2020 with first enrollment of students in the program starting from academic year 2021-2022.

Prof. Douglas Corfield
Professor of Medical Sciences
Program Director MBChB
The Overarching

Aims of The Program



To produce the next generation of doctors trained through an integrated programme of medical education to meet the requirements of the Egyptian National Academic Reference Standards NARS and the UK GMC in training safe and effective medical practitioners for professional practice.



To enable students to gain knowledge and understanding of the conceptual and practical aspects of the basic medical and clinical sciences, relevant behavioural and social sciences, and the underlying principles of scientific method.



To develop the intellectual skills of students including problem solving and enquiry, critical analysis, logical thinking, clinical reasoning, and reflection.



To enable students to acquire the professional behaviours necessary to ensure the provision of high standards of medical practice to individuals, their families, the community and to be responsible for their personal and professional development and clinical practice.



To develop the proficiency of students in the basic clinical skills while recognising the limitations of their capabilities and acting in a patient-centred, safety conscious manner.



To develop core skills in verbal, written and electronic communication.

Why our Program

Program Principles

1. The first program to grant a joint degree for the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery between an Egyptian university and another foreign university in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
2. The program aims to prepare and graduate doctors with a high degree of efficiency who are able to work inside and outside Egypt.
3. Qualifying the graduate to be able to pass the medical licensing assessment in foreign countries.
4. The student studies for five academic years the curriculum of the Manchester University and be evaluated, promoted from one year to another and graduated according to the rules and conditions at the University of Manchester.
5. The program is prepared and implemented under the members’ supervision of Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University and the Department of Medical Education at the University of Manchester.
6. Teaching is carried out using the most advanced medical education methods used in Europe based on problem based learning.
7. The degree certificate will be issued by Manchester University and signed by officials of both parties.
8. The student has the right to attend the graduation ceremony for students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester.
9. After the student is accepted, he registers his data in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester, and is considered one of its students, and he gives his own e-mail through which he can enter the Manchester educational website to benefit from the learning resources on the site and the university library.
10. The Egyptian graduate of the program has the right to apply for clinical residency in Alexandria university hospitals as well as academic jobs offered by the university to graduates of the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.
Important Announcement

A team of Manchester University leaders will visit the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, to inspect the launch of the joint degree program between the two sides, which is scheduled to start on Sunday, November 28, for the current academic year 2021 - 2022, to get to know students and congratulate them on the new academic year and presenting some introductory lectures as well as workshops for the stuff members to support the program educational process. The visit will start on Tuesday, 30th of November until Thursday, 2ndnd of December, 2021.

Our program offers a special discount for the 1st batch

For More Information About The Program, Please Send Your Inquiry To The Following Emails

Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Douglas Corfield
Professor of Medical Sciences and Program Director Manchester University

Dr. Sonia Allam
Joint Award Program Director

Dr. Eglal Amer
Academic Lead Year 1